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Candy has delighted us all from early childhood to old age. We give it, and receive it, as a gift of affection and love. We can enjoy it daily. Our taste buds jump for joy. It always improves our overall mood. When received as a gift every bite conjures up fond thoughts of the sender. And Gourmet Chocolate really makes for a special treat.

Don't miss out on these wonderful pleasures of life. Enjoy our Chocolate Candy and Chocolate Gift Basket selections for your pleasure:        

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And, eating chocolate increases blood supply to your brain, bringing more of the
nutrients and oxygen needed for maximizing memory.

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Harvard scientists research shows that people who eat candy up to 3 times
a month live almost one year longer than those who don't. Possibly because
eating candy is so satisfying, it boosts your mood and reduces your stress levels.
Cocoa contains phenol, the same heart-healthy, disease-fighting compound
found in red wine.

Difference in Chocolate Fudge Candy and Gourmet Chocolate Fudge

Gourmet Chocolate Fudge differs from normal Chocolate Fudge Candy due to the ingredients used and the production process. 

The definition of Gour-met is “a connoisseur of fine food and drink”.  A gourmet is a person with discriminating taste in food and wine.

Therefore, we would expect that Gourmet Chocolate Fudge Candy would taste better and in today’s society would also cost more.

Chocolate differences are based on the level of cocoa content, the cocoa origin and the craftsmanship involved in the chocolate making process.

The color will be consistent throughout in Gourmet Chocolate Fudge Candy.  It will be creamy, extremely smooth, have a glossy appearance that is not marred by streaks and dots, is soft when you bite it, will break but not splinter and is most definitely not brittle.  Gourmet Chocolate will have a rich aroma of cocoa.

Normal Chocolate Fudge Candy will be hard, brittle and when you let it melt in your mouth it will be a little grainy.  It may splinter in your mouth when you bite it.  You may also notice that it is a little white on the edges. 

Makers of Gourmet Chocolate by and large use real chocolate liquor and only or mostly cocoa butter, while mass market producers of normal Chocolate Fudge use chemicals and substitutions for the chocolate liquor and only some coca butter and supplement with other types of fats.  Making chocolate liquor is a very time consuming and expensive process which raises the cost of making the chocolate. 

Gourmet Chocolate Fudge Candy also provides a number of health benefits.  This kind of candy will have essential elements of calcium, potassium, iron and vitamins A, B1, C, D and E.  Gourmet Chocolate also has high levels of chromium which has been shown to help control blood sugar.

Hope this helps when you are purchasing your next gourmet chocolate fudge candy for yourself or as a chocolate gift for someone else.

Other Reported Health Benefits of Chocolate Candy:

"The flavonoids in cocoa beans relax the lining of blood vessels and improve blood
flow to the heart" says cardiologist Michael Ozner, M.D., author of
The Miami Mediterranean Diet

In a study of 143 women, those who ate chocolate candy every day reported
feeling more passionate toward their husbands.

Studies have found that chocolate can cut stress hormone levels in half. And you
don't even have to eat it - just the scent will instantly put you at ease.

Chocolate contains disease fighting chemicals called phenols which can
help prevent everything from heart attacks and stroke to cancer. Researchers
found that those who eat chocolate candy at least 3 times a week are likely
to live longer than those who don't.


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